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About Maia

Our Kaupapa
Our Purpose

Our kaupapa is ensuring that all young people have what they need to achieve their potential through education.

We do this by working with young people, teachers and schools on research, programmes and PLD.

Social Justice

Social Justice relates to the belief that every person is of equal worth, and on that basis should be recognised and treated equally and with respect for who they are. 

Social injustice relates to structures or human actions which cause people to experience unfairness in how they are treated or what they can achieve.


Addressing this means that we need to work to reduce unjustified inequalities, including in education.

Current Projects

Ngā Mahi
Our Work

For young people balancing school with other responsibilites.

We wanted a way to tautoko, to support and acknowledge, the bold and brave decision some young people make to leave school before the end of year 13 to play an active role at home and in their community, which we know was made increased by Covid-19 and lockdown.


Brave Learning is our set of mentor and other mahi (work/activities) we do in school and beyond to support these young people to continue working towards their learning goals.  

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