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Brave Learning is a Programme which supports young people who have had to leave school to attend other responsibilities such as paid or care jobs within their whānau


We know that many young people felt a responsibility to support their ‘aiga (family) by leaving school to find employment or to take on family responsibilities as a result of Covid-19 or the increased cost of living. Our aim is to provide these young people with the chance to continue learning in a way which is responsive to their commitments and responsibilities, acknowledging this experience and the brave choices they have made. 

We seek nominations from schools, community or church groups, family members, employers, friends or others* of young people who left school and are: 

  • Committed to continuing to learn

  • Pasifika**

  • Living in Auckland

  • 16-20 years old

  • Not enrolled in school

  • In employment or with significant family responsibilities

*You can also nominate yourself for the Programme.

**This programme is initially funded through the Ministry of Education's Pacific Education Support Fund and is as such currently focussed on young Pasifika people. We hope in future to be able to extend the opportunity to others who do not meet this description. If this is you or someone you know, please still get in touch. 


Brave Learning is FREE and funded by the Ministry of Education Pacific Education Support Fund. We aim to support young people to continue to achieve their learning goals alongside employment, family or other responsibilities. 

Brave Learning students are partnered with a member of the Brave Learning team who will work with them as a kaihautū ('navigator') to set goals and identify the support and resources they need over the course of up to a year in order to achieve the learning goals they want to achieve.


The journey each student follows is tailored to their needs and the demands they face so that they are able to complete the programme around their commitments and responsibilities. This includes being invited to regular fono ('workshops') to connect with other students and our broader ‘Brave’ village, and to other wānanga which will provide them the space and time to focus on their learning, complete assignments and get support from experts.

Students set their own goals. These can be academic (inc. gaining NCEA credits), vocational (e.g. gaining work experience) or well-being focussed (like developing yourself, learning things outside the curriculum), and will drive their own learning towards these with our support. 


If you're interested in the Brave Learning Programme and:

1. you’d like to learn more please get in touch via email: or phone: 09 8899 802, OR​


2. you’re ready to nominate yourself or someone you know, you can complete this form and we will be in touch 


Either way, we will be in touch with you and the person you nominate to arrange a time to discuss the Programme once you've completed the form. 

If you have any questions, please call us or email

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