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We can work with you to investigate the information and data you collect for insights, develop your data collection practices, and design strategies based on this. 

For instance, using sentiment analysis, we could provide you with insights into what your community is thinking about your school, and how you might take this into account in your work to enrol new students. 

Data Science & Analytics


We aim to treat every project as an opportunity for research and rangahau - to grow our understanding of how to do the best for students. 

We can help you to explore and develop the evidence base for the work you are doing, work with your staff to undertake research as part of their work, and evaluate your programmes.

Research & Evaluation


We can develop tailored learning opportunities for your teaching & non-teaching staff both online and in person. 

For instance, we have designed module series for all-staff focussed on local curriculum, supporting staff with curriculum planning and evolving their practice. 

Professional Learning & Development


We can work with you and your staff to set and work towards strategic goals, develop curriculum, and support delivery of them.

We can design curriculum documents, inc. unit plans and modules, and other resources to support achiveing your strategic goals.

Strategic & Curriculum Development


We can work with your staff or students to grow their leadership capability. 

We have an established programme for students, and can work with you to develop tailored development for your staff or students. 

Leadership Development (for staff & students) 


We can support your school to make sure the change you have planned, happens. We can design a change management process, and work with you to put it in place, which may inc. research, evaluation, PLD, communications development etc.

Change Management

Get in touch if you are interested to learn more about working with us: o9 889 9802

We develop tailored support for schools and other organisations, with a specialism in cultural responsiveness, and social justice. We aim to offer high quality support which is affordable for all schools.

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